Top 10 Sad/Emotional/Melodrama Korean Movies that will make you cry

If you're in the mood for a melodramatic movie that you can let it all go to, but you don't really want to be sad for more than 2 hours, then here are 10 Korean films that are guaranteed to bring on the tears—in a good way!

Pure love

 Pure Love is about the childhood friendship of five teenagers. The memory comes back as the radio man read an unexpected letter from an audience, which turns out to be the diary of his best friend. In retrospective, he recalls all nice memories of his long lost friendship. They had had fun time together - spending time in the beach, talking about future plans, rushing to local singing competition, and even stealing the boat to go to nearby island. The story about a long lost friendship in childhood is also appealing to me as it makes me remind my childhood with silly acts and having fun time with friends.


Hearty Paws

 Hearty Paws is a heartwarming tale of a family broken down to a brother, his young sister and a dog that they adopt into the family on the sister's sixth birthday. They face many hardships and the brother finds himself in a heartbreaking, traumatizing loss. He blames this on his dog and finds his way to his abandoner mother, not realizing that the dog was the one true family that would never leave him. The subplots and sadness outlines this movie. It is definitely one of the best, heart warming movies I have ever seen and definitely recommend to EVERYONE who is in the position to have your heart won over by this beautiful tale and dog.


 For fans of My Sassy Girl, Windstruck is also a must watch as Jun Ji Hyun is great in it. When police officer Kyungjin met with Myungwoo accidentally in a crime, she found that this responsible teacher was a really nice guy. At that night, Kyungjin got into a fight with a bunch of high school kids and got trouble in a big gun fight between rival drug dealers. Myungwoo tried to help her but then something happened that forces them stayed together all day long. They got closer to each other and Myungwoo was not able to repulse the strange but pure nature. He fell in love with her. One day, when Kyungjin was chasing a notorious criminal, Myungwoo helped her again, however, not knowing that what would happen that day changed their relationship forever.


A Werewolf Boy

 Agree with the poster that the title is somewhat misleading; the title character isn't exactly your typical werewolf, and the movie isn't really a Korean version of Twilight. Rather, it's an emotional love story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time and really pull at your heartstrings, like only a classic Korean romantic film knows how to do. The movie is about a family moving to the countryside because of the eldest daughter's lung ailment. There they meet a wild boy living all by himself in the barn and decide to take care of him. As he slowly becomes part of the family the oldest daughter is trying to introduce him into society.



 Inmates at a woman's prison form a choir. Mun-ok, previously a music professor, is assigned the role of conductor. Four years go by and the prison choir performs in the national women's choir contest. Their performance is a success and the women are permitted to spend time with their families afterward. However, this joy is short-lived when Mun-ok is given her death sentence. Harmony is a beautiful story about friendship, family, love, loss and sorrow with beautiful music.

Wedding Dress

 Single mother Ko-woon, a wedding dress designer, is diagnosed with terminal cancer. She then prepares her nine-year-old daughter So-ra to live without her, while also saying goodbye to others around her. As her condition worsens, So Ra finds out about the cancer and tries to fulfill her mother's wishes one by one, in secret.


Ode to My Father

Amid the chaos of refugees fleeing the Korean War in December 1950, a young boy, Duk-soo, sees his fate change in the blink of an eye when he loses track of his younger sister and he leaves his father behind to find her. Settling in Busan, Duk-soo devotes himself to his remaining family, working all manner of odd jobs to support them in place of his father. His dedication leads him first to the deadly coal mines of Germany, where he meets his first love, Youngja, and then to war-torn Vietnam in this generational epic about one man's personal sacrifices.


A Moment to Remember 

A Moment to Remember is an amazing movie with astounding characters decent story and tear jerking tragedy romance. Though the movie has a lot of mercantile elements in it, it still has an certain charm that today's Hollywood films are missing. It has everything: love, romance, action, sorrow, and happiness. Hero & heroine of this film have wonderful chemistry together, and it shows. It makes you feel like you want to become a better person, and not be so selfish, self-centered, and makes you realize that there more important things in life. All and all, fabulous, fabulous movie.


Miracle in Cell No. 7

 Miracle in Cell No. 7 is an truly heartfelt comedy movie. We see the connection between a mentally ill father and his adorable daughter. Although her father is mentally ill we can still see the  undeniable love between them. Behind that, there is an tragical engaging story of the father accused of murder and rape of a small girl aged almost same as his own daughter. It's fun to watch the prisoners depicting their own unique character. This is definitely one of the best Korean movie out there filled with tears and laughter's. Very well thought and very well executed.


 The most beautiful movie I have ever seen. The entire movie is made so serene and beautiful that you would find it hard to say anything. The scenes and emotions would neither make you cry nor angry but just rip out your emotions and feelings which would be like the relationships and emotions where words aren't even necessary. This movie was epic of emotions. When Lee Re ( little girl) says ' Is that you dad?' to the mascot I just couldn't stop crying. Amazing direction, a plus acting, excellent direction, excellent makeup of the bruises. One of the top movies! I wish everyone should see the movie. Best Movie ever!

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