Top 10 Thai School Love Movies

The 10 best Thai School Romance movies show the lighter and more serious sides of true love. Whether making audiences laugh or bringing them to tears, these movies teach every viewer what it means to truly love another individual. Despite setbacks, deaths or forbidden relationships, the characters in each of these movies has a life changing experience that just might change watcher’s perceptions about dedicating your life to another person.

Fan Chan

Jeab hears that his childhood sweetheart Noi-Naa is to be married, so he makes the trip back home to his provincial village. As he does so, the memories come flooding back to his childhood in 1980s Thailand. He remembers always being late to school, so his father would have to give him a ride on the back of the motorcycle. The movie reminded me of growing up spending hours and hours hanging out with friends, riding your bike everywhere, and just not having a care in the world except ice cream and playing. Hilarious and touching. The gang is a really funny group of characters, each with a personality all of her/his own.


The film 'Friendship' tells how great friendship in our lives, especially during high school. Friendship and romance in separate containers in the packaging but still kept in touch and i love it. Friendship is coupled with pretty good romance. Actors also have a very strong character. Many scenes are touching and it is a plus from me. The film also added a few elements of humor so I'm not bored. There are several scenes that show social values??, there is also displayed 'delinquency' teens. This is normal and is often encountered in school life. This movie reminded me how good friendships established in high school. I feel played a role in the film.

Love at 4 Size

Love at 4 Size is a Thai movie that depicts four different love angles of four different stories from different high schoolers

Yes Or No

Pie who is brought up with a dislike towards tomboys. And in coincidence her collage roommate happens to be Kim, a girl who dress like a boy but denies being a tomboy. Conflicts happens and then gradually this two person like each other leading to them falling in love. This got to be one of the sweetest tom movie I ever seen. Without nudity and sex scene, just a few kisses and hugs. But the two lead actress is awesome and have amazing chemistry on screen. Tina portrayal as Kim the confused tomboy who does know whether she like female or not. And Aom portrayal of Pie who is scared of the eyes and opinion of people towards homo. All in all, recommended for all who know "love is love".

ATM: Er Rak Error 

Sua and Jib are like any other couple in this world except for one exception: for the past 5 years they have kept their relationship a secret since the bank where they are employed has a strict "No Fraternization" policy. It's not a big deal until they decide to get married. The only problem? Which one of these two Type-A overachievers will put marriage before a career and resign? With neither willing to take the leap of faith they both turn incident into opportunity when an ATM glitch in Chonburi province cashes out over $130,000 baht. The terms are simple: whoever is able to recover the money first gets to keep their job. The couple will turn into no holds barred competitors. Who will literally "go big" in their career or "go home" in this romantic comedy about what two people won't do for each other in the name of love? It's the age old battle of the sexes but this time around how can victory be easily declared in a war .


This amazing romance story can be enjoyed by all. Timeline is not one of those cheesy chick flicks that often come out, it is a brilliantly written intriguing story about two young friends that most people can relate to. Even most males will agree that this movie pulls at your heart strings. Filled with fabulous sad story, and sentimental moments I found this movie to be one of the best I've seen. I got to know both main characters and found myself relating to each of them. This movie makes us think of what could have been and gives us a fresh look at the meaning of true love. The ending just beautiful.

Seasons Change

The story takes place in a music school in Thailand over one year and covers the three seasons that Bangkok typically experiences – summer, winter and monsoon. It chronicles the life of a young high school student and aspiring drummer, Pom, and his impulsive decision to attend a music school, unbeknownst to his parents, because of a girl he has secretly liked for three years, Dao. At the music school, he befriends Aom, who eventually becomes his best friend at the academy. Eventually, as time goes by, he is forced to choose between playing in a rock band or the orchestra, and is also forced to choose between his crush on Dao, and his best friend, Aom. As they say, seasons change.


A four-part comedy about high school and college love. The movie is both a good comedy and a touching romantic in some parts. Not perfect. In fact I find one of the story not so logic but the rests and overall are all well acted and I think the director did a great job.

Teacher's Diary

It follows the story of two lonely teachers, a male and a female. They were assigned at the same rural school but a year apart. The girl being assigned first, attempted to write her thoughts on a diary, being stuck out in boonies. One day she has to be transferred to another school and left the diary. The male teacher came by as a substitute and saw the diary, thus, falling in love with the unacquainted writer. He also wrote his thoughts on it. The guy also left and the lady returned and saw that there are added articles on the diary. She also fell in love with him but now having a hard time looking for the boy. Will the two ever meet?


Like most teenage boys Ped and Koong, the two best friends decide to form a band. The problem was they suck. So they decide to recruit Ex - a drummer and Earn a guitarist. Things when haywire when Koong started to fell for Earn who was Ped secret childhood crush. I must say there is nothing new in this movie. It is the story that has been told like a thousand times but something was different this time. There is a good balance in the substance and it has been executed pretty good. The story might be a little childish when compare to Western culture but it is more or less accurate to the Asian culture. I love the fact that they managed to entertain me for over two hours without forcing sex into the movie like most teen movie do. This one is about friendship.

A Little Thing Called Love

The first 15 minutes of the movie was the introduction of the characters and the situation the characters were in. The story is centered on an average, plain-looking and dark-skinned girl named Nam who is secretly in love with an older Grade 10 guy named Shone. Shone, a new student, a rumored troublemaker and a photography enthusiast, easily becomes a popular student in school because of his good looks and soccer-playing skills. I fell in love with the story. Watching the movie was like riding a train back to memory lane. It made me remember my own craziness in high school. The beauty of first love, friendship and dreams. I just wish we can do something like this—very light but very meaningful.

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