Top 10 Best Comedy Korean Movies as of 2017

For fans of Korean cinema who love to laugh, here's our list of the best Korean comedy movies of all time  Whether it’s the story of a documentary filmmaker making a film about her next-door neighbor who thinks he’s a superhero in The Man Who Was Superman, or a seventy-year-old woman who is returned to the beauty of her youth in Miss Granny, these funny Korean comedies are full of hysterical characters and are a fresh change of pace from American comedy films. Which of the films on this Korean comedy movies list cracked you up?

The Good the Bad the Weird

 The Good the Bad the Weird is of two outlaws and a bounty hunter in 1940s Manchuria and their rivalry to possess a treasure map while being pursued by the Japanese army and Chinese bandits. This movie has an stunning opening with all the crazy music, landscape and a great big steam train. The movie is just an non-stop action which won't bore you a minute. For all sensible folk this is a mind blowing exercise in action cinema. Loud, violent and stunningly shot this is awe inspiring stuff and with a comic edge too. The Good, The Bad, The Weird is a fantastic blend of absorbing action sequences, beautiful cinematography, strong performances, and a dash of lighthearted comedy.

Attack the Gas Station

 Attack The Gas Station is the most entertaining movie I have seen with the best action comedy genre.  With many surreal and absurdity moments, the film is hilarious to boot taking a single location. The movie is a refreshing take on comedy that finds original way to entertain the people. The pace is swift and fluid. From a comical opening to the final packing of lots of battle between heroes, schoolers, yakuza, the movie is just a spin on comedy. Just go and enjoy this movie and enjoy the action because "I only attack one"

Miss Granny

'Miss Granny' is about an aging grandmother that magically gets a chance to relive her youth. The movie is sweet, hilarious and captivating that will surely bring a happy feeling in you. Yes the movie theme doesn't make sense but overall it has an heartfelt moment in it. Granny is superb. The actress acting as young woman acting as granny is so well. This movie will surely make you laugh a little more louder.

Speedy Scandal

A radio DJ/entertainer in his 30s suddenly learns he may be a grandfather, thanks to a young girl who has a baby son and claims to be his daughter. Speedy Scandal has all the right element which fits  rights in the movie. It has mix of funny, sad and touching moments which will keep you entertaining till the end. The dramatic moments and the comedy works out pretty well in the movie. Check out this Korean humor even if its little different.

Two Guys

This movie is about two guys, a suitcase and a Chinese gang. The movie is best comedy, I have never laughed so much as I did while watching  this movie. The characters in the movie are just amazing, looking at them only will make you laugh out loud with all the crazy situation happening. If you are looking for the comedy beyond laughter and gags than this is the one for you. Watch, just go and watch this craziness.

Save the Green Planet!

This movie is strange. Save The Green Planet tells the story of a fanatic who tracks down aliens that are living in our society. The movie is insane and insanely funny. It contains all the genre and the plot will surely grab your attention. It is kind of original and and experimental cinema. don't go by the looks on the poster, the film is intrinsically a touching, sad and fulfilling piece of cinema. In the end this is the must see movie at least for once in a lifetime.

Going By The Book

A string of bank robberies puts the public in a panic and they demand action from the newly appointed police chief to crack down on the perpetrators. In order to appease the residents of the city and carry out his own ambitions, The police chief appoints naive traffic cop Jung Do-man to infiltrate the world of the robbers. So if you want to have GREAT laughs because of a serious situation, watch it.

The Man Who Was Superman 

Seriously at first I didn't liked the movie but in the end after understanding the plot, the movie is just wow with nice concept and more than an ordinary comedy. The movie themes at saying that any human being can turn out to be superman just by exercising his humane qualities. This is the movie that anyone can enjoy. It's another strong movie from "My Sassy Girl"

Welcome To Dongmakgol

Soldiers from the North and South, as well as an American pilot, find themselves in a secluded village, its residents largely unaware of the outside world, including the war set in the year 1950. Welcome to Dongmakgol has an vivid characters and every character is lovable. Every frame set of the movie displays diverse emotions of the cast. The subtlety of comic scenes is fantastically portrayed and the movie itself is damn humorous. Welcome to Dongmakgol has got an entertainment of its own kind.

Baby and Me 

The movie is about an high school-er given an unfamiliar duty of taking care of a baby when his parents left. Baby And Me is refreshing enjoyable movie with a mix of drama and comedy. The acting is great with realistic situation. Overall an cute and a classy baby sitting movie to watch.

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