Top 10 Korean Romance Comedy | Best Korean Rom-Com as of 2017

Some of the best Korean films in recent years have actually been romantic comedies. Ranging from young love to old love to unconventional love, there's something for everyone on this list, and it's all guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl was my first Korean film and which helped me to land in Asian cinema. This movie is very dearer to me and for all who wants to start an Asian film, this is an perfect example to watch. The movie is simply the perfect mix of comedy and romance, the comedy part are most like things that could happen to me or you. The movie is engaging and once you see this film I am sure you will re-watch the movie soon and share this movie. The actors are cool and just perfect to seem an normal everyday people, the chemistry is perfect,  the two of them blends together so nicely. I would highly recommend to watch this movie and suggest others to watch the same.

My Little Bride

My Little Bride is the cutest movie I have ever seen and I adore it a lot. This movie is an fun to watch and I recommend to anyone who wants to see an romantic comedy. The movie is about two young people forced into arranged marriage and it shows how the two deal with this situation and they has many humorous moments as they try to tolerate being around each other.The movie will surely put a smile on your face.

Too Beautiful To Lie

After watching My Tutor Friend and Don't Believe Her, I am convinced that Ha-Neul is a great actress for mild sassy / girl-next-door roles. I enjoyed her expressions in this movie where she had to lie her way out of tight situations. Her facial expressions and acting within the confines of the situations provided is pretty much the whole movie. She is sassy, mean, but also classy and very cute. Most of the scenes took place in a small town and there are many jokes worth laughing.  If you are looking for a night of laughs with your family go check this out.

200 Pounds Of Beauty

200 Pounds Beauty is a movie where a fat girl turns into very cute an beautiful girl. So be ready to see cuteness and sexiness throughout the movie. But then the movie has an funny elements too and does makes you laugh all the way. In deeper end the movie does talk about how beauty becomes an obsession, how most delicate heart can hide inside bigger girl a and how people fall for just the beauty on the face. Overall, movie give you a good feel.

My Wife Is a Gangster

My Wife is a Gangster is unique blend of different genres; action, comedy, and drama. It's main focus is on comedy, so don't see this movie thinking it is wall to wall action. It does have a couple of great fight scenes - one in the rain, one in a field of tall grass, and one in the rival gang's hideout. The action choreography and camera work is done superbly, very stylish. The story centers around a female JOPOK (equivalent to Yakuza in Japan). She finds her long lost sister only find she is dying of some kind of disease. Her dying wish is that she sees her sister get married before she dies. The poor unsuspecting husband, who by the way looks like Sammo Hung's Korean cousin, is put through so much tribulation through the movie, you can help but feel sorry for him! The movie has some great comedy, which had me busting out loud. The movie also has some drama thrown in, which is done to great effect. Overall, this movie works and is unique in it's own right.

Plan Man

"Plan Man" stars Jung Jae-young as a 40ish Librarian who suffers from a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. His daily routines follow a rigorous time-table in every aspect, and besides he's obsessed with keeping things clean and avoiding germs. In fact, his lifestyle makes Hercule Poirot look positively untidy. He has, however, a soft spot for an apparently equally tidy girl who works at the local 7-Eleven, which he visits during lunch hour at the same time every day. Then fate steps in, as he crosses paths with the girl's sister, a carefree club singer who dreams of attending an Idol type singing contest. Overall, Plan Man is a light-hearted romantic comedy.

My Tutor Friend

Like "My Sassy Girl", this movie is based on a true story posted from the internet, but that's where the similarities end. The story is generally about this rebellious guy named Ji-Hoon who is still trying to finish high school, whose parents hire a tutor named Su-Wan, a woman who comes from a poor background, but happens to be the same age as him. This movie has some good fight scenes, great visual humor and a lot of spunk, thanks to the good chemistry between Kim Ha Nuel and Kwon Sang Woo, that bring a lot of energy to the story. The romantic elements also work because of that reason. She has some spunk, but it's more on the cute, sweet, good-hearted way. Characters are already mostly likable, and the movie is quite clever and interesting most of the way.

Seducing Mr. Perfect 

A very likely story of a girl going through love troubles, and a very unlikely story of her getting involved with the head of her company comprises the plot of this funny, and very well made movie. The movie has drama, comedy, romance, and good acting. Production is super clean and each scene has opulence to it. The drama, and romance is as good or better than any Hollywood movies produced. It's envious that people of Korea can contemplate on making a movie with romance like this.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

Have you ever imagined sometime in your life that you had an imaginary power with you that you can do anything with it. If yes than this is the movie for you.  I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK is one of the most entertaining films with a perfect weird combination of comedy, romance, action, sci-fi which places the movie into completely new genre of its own. Almost all the cast in this movie are weird and insane but you will definitely feel emotionally attached and connected to them. Rain who is certainly an talented actor has showed great talent in this movie as well. The visuals in the movie are extremely fun to watch and gives you an unique and original feel to them. This movie is splendidly written and performed and will surely surprise the audience.

The Beast and the Beauty

 The Beast And The Beauty is a great romantic and cute movie. It is a story of a man discovers that his girlfriend, who is blind, is about to recover her sight through an operation. However, he has lied to her about his appearance, and he is too scared to face her in person. It provides the viewer some thoughts about love. Its theme that there is more to love than just one's appearance will appeal to everyone and not only those who want to watch a typical romantic comedy. A good date movie or one for a bit more laughter than other dramas and a very cute girl as the lead role.

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